Discover your unique archetype that will inform every single one of your business and social media decisions from here on out. You can create more success and fulfillment from your work, starting with this quiz.

You Have A Unique Purpose In The World—And This Is The Tool To Help You Discover It. 

Throughout the last decade, entrepreneurs and service providers have leveraged the power of social media to curate their own brands, solve problems for people, and create a life on their own terms. 


If you've landed on this page: you are one of those people.


In 2020, there are now millions of examples of excellence we can model and draw from as we begin, build on, or scale our own businesses and platforms.


Each time we consume content, we are consciously experiencing-and subconsciously studying—other people's businesses and strategies, seeing their personal trajectory even as we put these into context against our own.


As much as this has broken down the barrier of entry for many who previously didn't see a way for them to "make it," it's also stifled our own ability to create from the inside out, rather than the outside in.


The Social Media boom has given us the opportunity to be ourselves and be in control of our own destiny—yet, we still "try other people" on for size as we determine what model works best for us.


This leaves us in a prison of our own creation—shackled by our business, brand, or persona that we created. Like fish in an aquarium, we become stuck; stifled in our growth by the very thing that once gave us life.


So if all we have to do is be exactly who we are, why does it feel like there's so much resistance, confusion, or pain around the thing we create?

The Answer:

We Aren’t Living From Our Entrepreneurial Archetype. 


After being in the social media space for five years and connecting with hundreds of thousands of creators whether it be through a YouTube Collaboration, podcast interview, innocent and friendly comments section chat, or directly coaching and consulting for their businesshere’s what I’ve learned:


1. We all have a core archetype that lives within us, driving us in a specific direction, signaling for us to hear it and create our reality around it.


2. We can activate these archetypes to solve certain problems in our businesses, call upon others who express more of the archetype we need, AND create business models that provide the utmost ease, flow, fulfillment, happiness, and success for us through living by design. 


Think of this as the Love Languages for Entrepreneurship.


By understanding your love languages, it becomes far easier to give and receive love from those in our lives.


By living from our core entrepreneurial archetype, we can tap into our true gifts and strengths, creating our lives, business models, and success directly from the most potent center of who we actually are.


Just because Susan is scaling her business to 7-figures, doesn’t mean Larry can’t double down on his podcast and focus on getting brand deals if that’s what feels right for him.


Just because Ellen has a full client roster of personal training clients, doesn’t mean Karina can’t keep doubling down on writing her book.

attract an abundance of success with ease, fulfillment, and freedom by creating with alignment.



Every single archetype lives inside of us, and we can activate them anytime we want.


As a young woman, I never ever found myself interested in starting or running a business. I didn't think I "had it in my blood," since I never sold things or had any inherent interest as a young kid.


But when I wanted to start and run a business, I happily activated that which was not natural within me to learn everything I could so I could successfully run a 7-figure business.


So, I did. I learned everything from marketing, to team culture, to finances and more. I prepared myself to be the best entrepreneur ever—not just for my own business, but to serve my clients.


But when I found myself spending 80-90% of my time running, scaling, talking about, teaching, and marketing all things BUSINESS and entrepreneurship—I felt outside of myself.


In 2019, I let my podcast (a huge passion project) fall to the wayside. I stopped making YouTube videos, when I used to make DAILY videos in 2016. I struggled to feel CREATIVE and access my creative energy: the essence of my soul.


So, I made a difficult decision.

I decided to stop trying to scale my business and switch into a business model that allowed my CREATOR archetype to thrive, give my TEACHER archetype room to do its thing, allow my COACH to feel satisfied with a few intimate high-ticket clients, and let the ENTREPRENEUR in me take a break from the heaviness it had once felt.


I'm now fully committed to living my archetype breakdown to the point where I'm setting up my entire year and strategy to ensure that it's in alignment.


That's exactly why I created this quiz: so you can live in full alignment with the Truth of who you are, and create a business that deeply matches the essence of your soul.


That's where true success and fulfillment is born.

How we identify, relate to, and present ourselves has EVERYTHING to do with how we feel about social media.


The first step in discovering your archetype is knowing how you identify yourself.


  • Who are you?
  • What's your "title?"
  • Who do you help?
  • How do you help them?
  • What's your experience?
  • Are you allowed to title yourself something?


These questions may present as simple, but in reality: it takes all of us weeks and months to finally feel like what we write in our bio actually feels like it matches how we desire to identify.

We can think of this as the Sun Sign in Astrology--the core of your being.

Describing who we are to the world in 150 Instagram bio characters can feel nearly impossible--so the more we can learn about what we bring to the collective tribe, the easier it becomes.




The next step is determining how you're going to present yourself to the world.


  • What will you tell people you do?
  • Why do you want to present yourself in a specific way?
  • What's your relationship to vulnerability in front of strangers?
  • How does presenting yourself make you feel?
  • What does what you post say about you as a person?


These questions are essentially describing how your ego (the part of you that identifies as "I") is structured to show itself to the world in order to receive love from others.

We can also relate this to our Rising Sign in Astrology--the part of ourselves that we present to the outer world.

This part is the phenomenon we feel when we perceive someone as "fake" on social media, or using a persona/mask, or even when we're hiding behind what we post on a platform.


The final step is determining how you relate to yourself as you post on social media.


  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • What do you believe other people believe about you?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of comparison, self-judgment, or craving validation from external sources?
  • Do you feel accepted or rejected?


These feelings and occurrences show up when we start to see how we feel about ourselves as we navigate our social media experience.

We can relate this to our Moon Sign in Astrology--the representation of our inner world.

This is typically the source of deep empowerment or disempowerment.





IN FACT: looking to others as a place to source our success is a part of the Old Paradigm.


The New Paradigm says that all we have to do, is look inside.


It can be easy to look at other people online, see someone with apparent success, and make a decision because it worked for them.


Sometimes, we're inspired by someone and interested in trying out their way.


Most of the time: it's a disconnection from and lack of trust with our intuition.


Those soft whispers, the gut instincts, the underlying feelings we have around what makes sense for our journey all live in our body.


Where do we think our ideas come from? Randomly sprouting in some place in our brains?


Our ideas are both a reflection of our environment (what we see around us), our experiences (what we've already lived), and the Universe dropping us hints for the next step in our path.


This quiz will unlock the answers within to affirm that you can trust your intuition, and show you how to create exactly what you want in the exact what that works for you.


Best of luck.


When I was 21 years old, I decided to start my Instagram out of the pure desire to share what I was doing.

I posted videos, wrote content, and engaged with whatever audience showed up.

A friend of mine had a YouTube channel, and I thought “I need a place to share long-form content, so why not?

I started with talking head educational videos, and went into vlog-style videos. I was hooked.

The entire filming process of getting the right shot, a cool angle, and taking the viewer through an experience activated me like nothing else.

And the editing process? SO. FUN. I loved making the music and beat drop match my workouts to elicit an emotional experience for the person watching. I still go back to watch my old videos and feel like someone feels after they just watch a really inspiring movie.

I made a video every day for 6 months—going from 6,000 to 100,000 subscribers like that.

And from that, opportunities came flooding in.

I secured brand parnerships with salaries and commissions, along with creating a full client load without ever once "pitching" myself to my audience.

This was me, living directly inside of my entrepreneurial archetype.

I was in the pocket of an epic creative flow, attracting abundance with PURE ease.

I didn’t even know what I was doing, aside from “just being myself, doing what I love.” (aka, the magic of what happens when we live in our Archetype.)

But, there was still something unfulfilled. I knew I could serve in a greater capacity outside of just inspiring people with videos and my daily life—so, I decided to build a coaching business.

Enter: the entrepreneurial archetype.

I made my first investment into a Mastermind for $30,000 and learned everything about digital marketing, email lists, launching, hiring team members, and more.
I quickly scaled from $225k in 2016,
More than tripled to $750k in 2017,
And then nearly doubled, climbing to $1.2 million in 2018.
A 600% increase in only three years.

And in 2019—the business revenue plateaued out.


Although I didn't expect my revenue to double again—things essentially became a LOT harder, a lot less enjoyable, and the biggest red flag of all:

the least fulfilled I've ever felt.


Over the years, I went from existing in a 50% creator, 20% teacher, 20% coach, 10% entrepreneur paradigm...
...into a 50% entrepreneur, 20% coach, 20% teacher, and 10% creator paradigm.
Copy of Copy of CREATOR (1)
My little creative soul was slowly dying.


This wasn’t WRONG—I learned SO much by activating the entrepreneur within. I also engaged in FAR more experiences of teaching in-person (events + speaking engagements) along with teaching inside of courses (building courses and selling them).
I also became a much better coach by learning to serve clients at many different levels in the offerings we created.
Ultimately: I integrated my weaknesses and became a more well-rounded Entrepreneur.
But, I knew there needed to be another shift. As much as activating the other Archetypes helped—the percentages truly didn’t match my core essence.

I needed a business that matched my truest essence.

At the end of 2019, I made a completely life-changing decision to restructure my entire business model and shift back into the archetypal breakdown that made more sense with the core of my being.More Creator, FAR less Entrepreneur.
I learned that my CORE motivator is the Creator, I create things that I love to teach in an enjoyable way, I get a lot of creative inspiration through coaching, and business happens as a result of all of this.
And then, it hit me.
If I could figure out my exact template, other people must be longing to discover the same.


Enter: This Quiz.


This personal archetype assessment will show you what your inner template is--your Truth North, your Guiding Light, Your Core Personality, Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Wounding, Gifts, and ultimately--a way to help you find a business model and social media strategy that "clicks" into place.


Knowing your core motivator will help you LAND into an archetypal breakdown that allows you to lead with your Primary, followed by the rest (in order of importance.)


This is going to release stress, free up resistance, and allow for the ease of abundance to flow in like you wouldn’t believe.